Visit My Mosque 2023 looks at faith, food, and friendship

9/14/2023 11:47 AM

Visit My Mosque, the biggest mosque open day event in the UK - is back this on the 23rd and 24th of September.

The national campaign facilitated by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) supports over 250 mosques across the UK to hold open days.

Now in its eighth year, Visit My Mosque facilitates hundreds of Mosques across the UK, opening their doors to local communities, fostering connection, and strengthening the ties that bind.

This year's theme is 'Faith, Food and Friendship' with participating Mosques and Islamic centres bringing communities together for tea, tours, and talks.

"Mosques are more than a prayer space; they are community hubs where diverse Muslim communities convene, institutions that can provide a range of vital services to local communities – from youth clubs and warm spaces to food banks, open to all those in need," said MCB Secretary-General Zara Mohammed during the launch campaign.

"Through Visit My Mosque, we hope people from all walks of life can connect with their local Mosques and Muslim communities, gain a deeper understanding of their history and function and forge lasting bonds of friendship. Through Visit My Mosque, we aim to come together in pursuit of the common good."

Mosques – a key part of British history

Mosques have become integral to the fabric of Britain, reflecting the country's long-standing multi-faith identity and cultural diversity.

Amongst the participating mosques include England's first mosque, the Abdullah Quilliam Society and Britain's first purpose-built mosque, the Shah Jahan Mosque in Woking.

Also opening its doors will be the celebrated Cambridge Central Mosque, Europe's first eco-friendly mosque, recognised by numerous 2021 RIBA Awards.

The visits will allow people from all backgrounds to learn more about the history of their local mosques and Muslim communities.

"This is an important initiative," said Naz Shah MP, at the Visit My Mosque 2023 launch event.

"I am looking forward to reaching that 10-year milestone and I'm also looking forward to that 250+ [participating Mosques] turning into 1000."

Also at the event, Harriet Crabtree, Executive Director of the Interfaith Network for the UK (IFNET), said:  "Opportunities for people of different faiths and beliefs to experience and learn about places of worship of others and to make positive connections are vital.  

"Visit My Mosque is a hugely important scheme, on the development and leadership of which MCB is to be commended."

If you would like to see what mosque near you is opening its doors for an open day, check out this link