Watch: Global solidarity rallies in support of Palestine

10/17/2023 3:42 PM

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters turned out in London as rallies were held around the world in solidarity with Palestine.

Despite warnings against waving the Palestinian flag, protesters gathered in central London to denounce Israel's actions. The event, broadcast live on Islam Channel, saw tens of thousands call for an end to the Israeli bombing of Gaza.

Rallies also occurred in other cities, including Manchester, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Thousands of Palestine supporters gathered in the US capital, walking near the White House and shouting 'Free Palestine.' Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Dearborn, Michigan, also held events to show their support for Palestine.

Palestinian supporters across the globe rallied against Israeli military action in cities like Sydney, Rome, Geneva and Muslim-majority countries. The following are videos from some of those demonstrations.



Kuala Lumpur

All week Palestinian supporters have been making their voices heard