What can we learn from hadith about the month of Shaban?

3/19/2022 9:46 AM

Shaban is the last lunar month before Ramadan and is often called the 'neglected month' as it falls between the important months of Rajab and Ramadan.

On Salaam Britain, in our Thursday’s Reflections segment, Sheikh Samer Darwish shared with us hadith that shows why this month is actually important.  

Some of the lessons he shares include:

  • Why Shaban was traditionally neglected
  • Why the Prophet (SAW) fasted more in this month compared to other months aside from Ramadan
  • How in Shaban our good deeds our presented annually before Allah (SWT)

The Sheikh also discusses with our presenters some of the significant historical moments that took place in the month, such as the splitting of the moon and the moving of Qiblah to Makkah.

Watch to find out more about this fascinating month

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