What is COP26 and why should Muslims care?

11/11/2021 7:34 PM
Artists paint a 'our climate is changing' mural on a wall next to the SEC in Glasgow, which hosts COP26
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The UK will host COP26 in Glasgow on 31st of October –12 November 2021.

More than 190 countries will attend the biggest climate change event since the Paris agreement was signed in 2015.

What is COP26? 

This is the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, or COP26. Around 20,000 attendees, including global politicians and state leaders are expected.

Their main purpose is to produce a practical international response to the climate change dilemma.

Why is COP26 important?  

The Paris agreement saw countries put forward their contribution to limit global warming, ideally towards 1.5C. But the national targets set for countries have been inadequate to hold the world within those Paris temperature targets.

So in Glasgow, countries will be urged to do much more individually to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet the target.

Why should Muslims care about this?

Climate change is affecting everyone. Many Muslim countries are dealing with drought and famine because of global warming — and it is often the poor and vulnerable across the world that suffer the most.

Islam teaches Muslims to look after their habitat and care for the environment. Many Muslim institutions are urging the faithful to follow the Quran and sunnah and act as guardians of the planet.



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