What to watch on Islam Channel this Ramadan

4/3/2022 5:36 AM
Graphic of some of the presenters of the programmes we have on

Ramadan is just days away and here on Islam Channel we will be marking the occasion with special programming to inspire, educate and entertain you and your family during the holy month.  

Here are some of the shows which we're eager to share with you and just some of the reasons why you should tune in this Ramadan:

  • The Big Ramadan Show - Join our hosts every day this Ramadan for a live magazine-style show with Ramadan reminders, special guests, our resident chef and a range of topical features from the Muslim community.
  • National Qira’ah Competition - Our popular Quran recitation show is back as we search for the best child reciter in the country.
  • Live Appeals - What would Ramadan be without our evening live appeals? Every night our charity partners and our committed audience raise vital funds to support numerous good causes to benefit our ummah throughout the world.
  • Ramadan in the Islamic World - We visit countries in the Islamic World to witness their traditions, rituals and celebrations during Ramadan.
  • The Cities of Faith - Exploring many different cities that constitute Allah's most beloved parts of the world.
  • Proofs of Prophethood - Sheikh Mohammad Elshinawy delves into the prophethood of Muhammad (SAW) - from the brilliance of his message, to the fruits of his teachings, his character, and his miracles.
  • Virtues of Surah Al Kahf - Sheikh Saalim Al Azhari looks into the history and life-changing lessons from Surah Al Kahf.
  • Quran 30 for 30 - A series exploring the gems of each Juz of the Holy Quran. Hosted by Imam Omar Suleiman.
  • How to Win Here and Hereafter - Dr Tesneem Alkiek leads you through a roster of good habits, rooted in the Quran and Sunnah, that will help you zone into your purpose and breeze through the barriers that slow you down.

Islam Channel on catch-up

On our catch-up service, you can watch inspirational and entertaining Islamic programmes, from religious shows to kids' programming.

Here are just some of the programmes we have available:

  • Religious: 10 Questions about Salah, Gems of the Juz, Best Ramadan Ever
  • Kids: At Home with the Azharis, Aya & Ysusf, Men Around the Prophet
  • Film and drama: Inspiration series, Omar, The chronicles of Musa

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How you can watch

You can watch Islam Channel live on our website or on:

Freeview: Channel 264
Sky: Channel 737
Virgin Media: Channel 838

You can also download our app for Apple and Android devices and watch live on your phone, including our other programmes on catchup.