What's on Islam Channel this Ramadan?

4/5/2023 5:08 PM

This Ramadan, Islam Channel brings uplifting and inspiring content to inform and entertain viewers of all ages.  

Those seeking Islamic guidance can find it in our daily show IslamiQA, where religious scholars answer viewers' questions live on air.  

Ramadan is the month of the Quran, and the holy book is brought to the fore in shows such as live Recite! which helps viewers improve their Quran recitation. Meanwhile, Melodies of the Quran unites reciters from across the Muslim world.  

Islam Channel brings its viewers together to worship with live prayers from Makkah, including Live Taraweeh Prayers, broadcast on the channel every evening.  

Charity is on every Muslim's mind during the holy month. Islam Channel's trusted charity partners hold live appeals every evening, allowing viewers the chance to help those in need across the globe.  

Islam Channel also shares plenty of wholesome family fun, with opportunities to participate in its daily quiz show, 5 Pillars Game Show; the ever-popular National Qira'ah Competition, where youngsters demonstrate their impressive recitation skills; and its daily evening chat show, The Big Ramadan Show.

Islam Channel's youngest viewers will love meeting Team Noon, as the fun cartoon characters discover the scientific miracles in the Quran and learning with Ali and Sumaya as they join the viewers to pose questions live to the interactive cartoon character Imam Basheer.  

Meanwhile, home-makers will enjoy friendly morning chat with the Salaam Britain team and inspiration for Iftar meals in Come Iftar with Me, which celebrates the diversity of cuisine created by chefs from across the Muslim world.  

How you can watch

You can watch Islam Channel live on our website or on:
Freeview: Channel 264  
Sky: Channel 737  
Virgin Media: Channel 83

You can also download our app for Apple and Android devices and watch live on your phone, including our other programmes on catchup.