Madinah rated the safest city in the world for female travellers

3/4/2022 3:47 PM
Madinah in sunset

The holy city of Madinah has been voted the safest city in the world for female travellers.

Madinah scored a perfect score amongst women when it came to safety while travelling alone, according to recent research.

The city scores top marks on women not worrying about being attacked on the streets and for walking safely alone at night.

"According to our data, the safest city of those examined is Medina in Saudi Arabia. Medina scores a perfect 10 in both categories of "safety walking alone at night" and "absence of worry about attacks based on gender," said Insuremytrip, who conducted the study.

That meant the holy cited rated as 10/10 for safety overall.

"If you're looking for the safest destination possible, consider cities like Medina, Chiang Mai or Dubai," added the group.

Madinah has a special place in the hearts of Muslims. It is the second holiest city in Islam and a place where the Prophet (saw) settled down and spent his last days.

Other Muslim cities in the top 20 safety list include Antalya in Turkey and Saudi's Riyadh.

Safe and unsafe cities in the world

The group did the study to determine which city is the ideal location for solo female travellers.

It ranked 66 global cities based on data points relating to cost, safety and gender equality which is based on gender gap research by World Economic Forum.

The top 5 safest cities in the world for female solo travellers are:

  • Madinah, Saudi Arabia, 10/10
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand, 9.06/10
  • Dubai, UAE, 9.04/10
  • Kyoto, Japan, 9.02/10
  • Macao, China, 8.76/10

Interestingly, Paris in France is in the top five least safe cities in the world for female solo travellers.

France has been criticised heavily for the way it deals with Islam and Muslims. Critics say it views Islam's treatment of women negatively and that it regularly discriminates against Muslim women.

So it is ironic that the country's capital city is rated as one of the least safe cities in the world for women - in position number 61 out of 66, with a lowly score of 3.47/10.