The important Islamic dates to look out for in 2023

3/14/2023 4:55 PM

So, the new year is here and many people are wondering when the key dates in the Islamic Hijri calendar, like Ramadan, Eid, and Hajj, will occur.

In Gregorian terms, the current year is 2023, while the Hijri year is 1444/1445.

Keep in mind that the Islamic calendar follows 12 lunar months, determined by the sighting of the moon. This means that the dates of Islamic holidays and events fall on different dates each year - and even now we can't be too prescriptive about what date a certain event may occur.  

Islamic Calendar 2023 – Hijri Calendar 1444 / 1445 dates*

Isra Wal Miraj — 18 February 2023
Ramadan —  23 March 2023 to 20 April 2023
Last ten nights of Ramadan (includes Laylat al-Qadr) — 12 April to 20 April 2023
Eid al-Fitr — 21 April 2023
Hajj — 26 June 2023 to 1 July 2023  
Day of Arafah — 27 June 2023
Eid al-Adha — 28 June 2023
Islamic New Year (first day of Muharram, the start of 1445) — 19 July 2023
Day of Ashura — 28 July 2023

‍*Note all the above dates are subject to the sighting of the moon.

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